Staff Strength

The Organization has currently 06 technical & professionals staff members from different thematic area at managerial position who are expert in water, sanitation, Hygiene agriculture, child protection and development, disability & reproductive child health. They also form the nucleus of the Organization.

In direct execution of different projects 08 fields coordinators are placed in different blocks in the target area. In the direct implementation of the project Gram Jyoti has 33 full time & 42 part time community workers. The organization has representation of the SC, ST, Women and PWD in the staff structure.

Staffs Male Female Total
Full time staff 25 8 33
Part time staff 12 30 42
Volunteers 11 04 15
Total 48 42 90

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महेशपुर प्रखंड के पांच विद्यालयों को मिला पुरस्कार

पाकुड़ जिले के महेशपुर प्रखंड के पांच विद्यालयों को मिला पुरस्कार उपायुक्त कुलदीप चौधरी ने गुरुवार को समाहरणालय स्थित सभागार में जिले के चयनित विद्यालयों के प्रधानध्यापको को शौपा प्रमाण पत्र एवं मोमेंटो ।

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