Our Achievements

Food Security :

  Ensured food security for 12700 Households throughout the year benefiting from social security and livelihood schemes and enhanced production in agriculture and allied sectors.
 1 Lakh timber saplings distributed among 5000 families as part of family insurance

Water and Sanitation :

 162 nos. of hand pumps installed and 589 H.P restoration done and community mobilized for its operation and maintenance.
 Hand washing facilities constructed and in use with Force and Lift Pumps in 17 schools in Deoghar and Pakur districts.
 904Village Water and Sanitation Committees have been formed and strengthened and these are operational even today.
 49 villages have attained open defection free status.
 8855 tribal families are accessing safe drinking water
 8564 low cost toilets have been constructed of different model and are in use.
 25 PWDs friendly toilets have been constructed and 8 IHHL have been made PWDs friendly.
 83 school sanitary blocks have been constructed.
 2 Mini water supply scheme have been Installed at Chulhiya and Konkribank villages.

Health :

 27 VHNCs have been trained on Health and Hygiene related issues.
 Awareness raising program of 250 women on their rights on Health through “Hamara Swastha : Hamari Awaz” program.
 250 women intervened and improved in quality of service of 4 HCFs.
 Carried out a Research on Health Facilities of Santhal Pargana Region. This study was based on primary as well as secondary data. Primary information was collected from all districts of Santhal Pargana Region and a report was complied.
 26 Health Camps have been conducted in association with UNDP. In these camps medical health care services as well as for diseases prevention, awareness raising campaign also has been done. More than 3000 individuals have been benefited from this camp.
 26 Health awareness campaign at school have been conducted for prevention of water and vector bone diseases in selected schools of Pakur district in association with WaterAid. More than 2000 children and their family members have been benefited through this.
 For Mother and Child care and for prevention of diseases 16 camps have been conducted at Deoghar and Pakur districts.
 IMR and MMR are two major concerns. We have raise these issues in community and sensitized them through meetings in SHGs & VHNCs at selected GPs of 5 blocks of Deoghar and Pakur districts.

Land Development and Water Management :

  52 nos. irrigation wells were constructed for promotion of irrigation benefiting 650 acres of land.
 16 water recharge tank has been constructed benefiting 272 tribal families.
 26 Roof top rain water preserver constructed in schools & community level for domestic use and water recharge
  67 Hac. Land developing for agriculture purpose in 2000 tribal families.

Livelihood Promotion :

  12 families benefited through wormy compost production.
  138 Women SHGs formed and linked with Bank for promotion of IGPs.
  70 Kisan Club formed and promoted towards Cash cropping system through vegetables and cash crop cultivation.
  55 acres of barren land was transferred for orchard development (Mango, Lemon, Guava, Jackfruit, Papaya, and Pomegranate) through which 100 farming families benefited.
  267 tribal families trained on Fishery and now they are maintaining their livelihood on pisiculutre.

Child Care & Protection and Stop Child Marriage :

  Address of 2260 Missing Children has been traced and the children have been restored.
  Regular follow up of this children for 6 month.
  637 child have been given medical support through 1098 CHILDLINE Service.
  62 child marriages has been stopped in our working area.
  250 children (age group: 0-6 yrs.) of seasonal migrant families get fee education and nutritious food throughout the year.

Capacity Building :

  78 Child Club (Bal Sansad) formed and strengthened.
  79 Adolescents groups formed and strengthened on Child Right and Protection.
  3 information center at panchayat level are functioning
  Training Module developed to impart training to the “Jal Sahiya”
  700 Jal Sahiyas trained in 3 district i.e Deoghar, Dumka, Pakur of Jharkhand state.
  93 PRIs members have been trained on GPDP and different aspects of 14th Finance Commission
  72 SMCs strengthened on SDP.
  469 masons have been trained with technical and practical knowledge on SBM(G) toilet model and 56 master trainers have been trained with technical and practical knowledge on SBM(G) toilet model.

Birsa Munda Awas :

  36 PTG families have been benefited by this program. These quality houses have been constructed under supervision of Gram Jyoti. Now they have got a permanent place to stay.

Model Creation :

  Developed 2 model WASH Park at Deoghar and Pakur District for demonstration of Techno Feasible Models on WASH Infrastructure.

Awards :

  Nirmal Gram Panchayat Prushkar awarded to Thariyara & Postwari Pachayats of Mohanpur Block of Deoghar District.
 Jal star award by Dainik Bhaskar in 2011.
 District Administration awarded Gram Jyoti every year for Marvelous performance during SHRAWNI MELA at Deoghar.

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