Gram Jyoti has been committed for the holistic development of its target area population, where poor people can access the resources and hone their indigenous skills. The cornerstone of Gram Jyoti’s work is its trust & faith in the capacity & ability of the community people to work for their own development. It believes in the collective strength of communities to achieve the equity and justice at the community level which helps for community integration and development. It works for the voiceless people to raise voice for rights and entitlements. The mandate of the Organization is to promote self-empowerment and leadership abilities among the deprived, vulnerable & excluded sections of the society.

Our efforts are concentrated on developing institutional structures, capacity building and leadership qualities in those people so that they can achieve the improve quality of life. It directly works through community based organization in 352 villages covering the geographical area of Deoghar, Dumka, Pakur, Sahibganj districts of Jharkhand, Banka and Bhagalpur districts of Bihar State. Gram Jyoti has a human resource comprising of committed local voluntaries and staffs, development professionals, technical and external experts in the development sector.

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महेशपुर प्रखंड के पांच विद्यालयों को मिला पुरस्कार

पाकुड़ जिले के महेशपुर प्रखंड के पांच विद्यालयों को मिला पुरस्कार उपायुक्त कुलदीप चौधरी ने गुरुवार को समाहरणालय स्थित सभागार में जिले के चयनित विद्यालयों के प्रधानध्यापको को शौपा प्रमाण पत्र एवं मोमेंटो ।

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